Sunday, August 19, 2007

One month old!

On our first family trip we headed down to Vista for the wedding of Justin's cousin Amber. We decided it would be a perfect moment to take our first family photo together. Brody didn't particularly enjoy our photo shoot, but we finally got a picture all together.

Since it was a wedding, we decided to dress Brody up for the occasion. He looked so handsome with his collared shirt, but still was cool with his rolled sleeves. Of course he's got his fists in the picture, he's still gotta look tough!

The past few days Brody has been trying so hard to smile, and we finally got one of his best efforts on film! Along with working on his smile he's also trying to laugh, which is quite cute!

Brody Meets His Grandparents!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Brody and Daddy Hang Out

This is it: Justin's famous hold! Brody loves to sit like this with dad! Justin and Brody have become instant buddies and hang out together every night. I just don't know if Brody likes the fact that his dad smells like a dental lab, that just doesn't seem quite as soothing as mom! Every kid loves bubbles! Brody's mastered blowing bubbles all on his own. As new parents we of course find this adorable. Just taking a little nap on daddy.

Our family went on our very first walk together so Justin broke out the Baby Bjorn for the occasion. Before we were halfway down the block Brody was already fast asleep! It was great to be out and about as a family.

Every morning Brody does his morning stretches to get the day going. But watch out, that fist could really hurt someone! For a newborn Brody sure is tough!