Wednesday, August 4, 2010

swim lessons

We signed brody up for swim lessons at the y, since he LOVES to play in the pool. He's definitely been known to run and jump into an open area of water, so we figured the lessons couldn't hurt. Now I'm not expecting michael phelps results or anything, he is three after all, but i wasn't really expecting him to turn to dead weight in the water. He didn't really kick or try to paddle, just took in the sights while being "taken around" in the water, it was kind of funny. His teacher still seemed to enjoy him, but was a little bummed he didn't talk more (seriously?) I'm sure next summer he'll be ready for his eight olympic medals.

Working on kicking, kind of.

A little distracted.

Working on floating.

He loved looking back and waving during class.

Running out after jumping in.

Going down the slide on the last day.

Brody and his teacher miss leah.

a nursery?

When we first had the twins they shared our room with us in pack n plays, then they were "upgraded" to cribs in a room with brody, and now in our new place, they finally are in a room together. I guess this is their first true "nursery" for them, which seems so irrelevant since they don't really seem like babies to me any more. Anywho, I wanted to decorate a little, so here's some progress I've made. I originally wanted wood letters, but they we're out of R in both fonts, and came across these chipboard letters which were half the price -R included, so i went with it. I used craft paint and an ink pad to distress. The and is in vinyl that I printed with the cricut. It's not perfect, but I'm about 80% okay with how it turned out. I also did kade's name first even though he's younger, I figure it's nice to get some perks every now and then. Hopefully the rest of the "nursery" will be done soon!