Monday, March 23, 2009

fhe in a boy's house

We've been trying to be a little more proactive about our family home evenings on Monday nights, some nights we'll read a church book, get a treat for dessert, or have an activity. Tonight was an activity night, so we planned to ransack our home to look for some of the many missing hot wheels of Brody's. We pulled the couch apart (which Bordy loved), looked in baskets, bookshelves, shoes, and any other popular hiding place. Our fhe was pretty successful, and we found about 10 cars (yea! I hate missing toys)! We're still missing about 6 more, but we'll save those for another week. But, as any fhe should, even tonight's home ransack made me love my family more!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mom and me

I joined a friend in a mom and me class, and Brody loved it! There's tons of things to climb, ball pits, slides, a little boat to rock in, and of course a singing time with the moms. Some weeks Brody would dance and jump all over the place during the singing, and other times he'd stand back and watch everyone else, I'd never know what the day would bring! Our class ended a little while ago, but hopefully we'll be able to take another one before the twins come. Here's some pics from class:

cruisin' as captain of the boat

playing in the little ball pit

all wrapped up in a giant snake!

climbing and slides, what could be better?

perfecting his routine on the balance beam, no hands!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

that's our boys

today we saw a high risk doctor who discussed some of the complications that could arise as I enter my last trimester. After all the info was shared he did an ultrasound to peek on our boys. In all of Brody's ultrasounds he mooned us continually, I don't know why I expected something different from these two. First one kept kicking the doctor's ultrasound tool, then as we watched, the first twin (they're head to foot) kicked the other's head which prompted a retaliation with the second twin kicking the first twin in the nuts. Nice. Good to know they already know how to fight. For any of you who are worried we'll soon have some crazy wild boy house, don't worry, I am too!

Friday, March 6, 2009

a big boy bed

For a while Brody was really having a rough time with sleeping, and he could easily climb out of his crib (without so much as a noise as an indicator) so we figured it was time to convert his crib to a toddler bed. So far he's pretty proud of his new bed, and is slowing growing accustomed to his new routine. I'm so relieved he's getting adjusted to a new bed now, rather than when the twins come! He still cries when we put him down (this boy doesn't want to miss anything!), he occasionally falls asleep on the floor rather than climb into his bed, and he falls out once in a while, but other than that he definitely loves his new big boy bed, if not for sleeping, than for having one more thing to jump off of!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


We've taken a few trips to Disneyland lately so here's a little bit from our different trips:

Brody's a big fan of the carousel in california adventure. Thank goodness Justin can handle all that spinning!

We recently ventured into bear country in california adventure and Brody really enjoyed it. He loved running throughout this hollowed out log, it was just his size!

Just taking in the sights.

We finally rode the train that goes throughout disneyland. Brody's recently been into cars, trucks and trains so he thought this steam engine ride was pretty cool!

Enjoying some refreshing dole whip in the tiki room.
We only have a couple months left on our passes, but we've really enjoyed the days we've spent playing at disneyland!