Monday, February 27, 2012

liar liar

so i said i'd show off brody's new room this week, but i lied.  last week we picked up this little ditty from craigslist:
it needs some paint, but its the last piece for brody's room.  i'm honestly hoping that next week we can post some pics.  the suspense is killing you, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

in love

so i love stripes!  paper, shirts, walls, stripes anywhere and on any thing!  i love layering striped shirts with a card and necklace, stripped paper on a card, so you can imagine how in love i fell when stripped powder rooms, entryways, and laundry rooms made their way into blog land.  we recently redid brody's room (that will be shown next week) and then pounced on the powder room down stairs before we could loose steam.  it was originally a very pale beige, and now it has grey and white stripes.  i love it, but now it needs some accessorizing love!  allow me to fill that void, just give it a little time.
so, do you stripe?

valentines day

 last week the twins had a valentines party with the moms group from our ward, and they were super excited to go!  We assembled our bouncy ball valentines, dressed up in handsome attire and these two entered the party:
armed with these:
they were really excited to eat heart cookies and receive valentines from some friends.  crew really liked handing out the valentines, but kade didn't get into until the second to last kid.  they keep talking about valentines day, and now that it's past, we'll have to come up with some new things to talk about, st. patty's day anyone?
this guy had a party at preschool, armed with microwaveable popcorn that said "you really popped into my heart!"  can i just say i was shocked at the mass quantity of candy that brody brought home from school?  seriously!  good thing we have good dental insurance!
 I cut their grilled cheese into hearts for dinner, and squirted brody's ketchup into a heart too, he was so impressed he wouldn't eat the ketchup, he kept looking at it and saying "wow mom!  thank you for the heart ketchup, you really love me!"  so funny!  i love holidays with kids, and these three make it super fun! 

x is for x ray

brody has show and tell at preschool to correspond with their weekly letter, and last week was X.  we don't own a xylaphone (brody's convinced it starts with z anyway) so we took a little trip to Justin's office for some dental x rays:
brody was a trooper his whole visit, the x ray, exam and cleaning.  the next day he proudly showed off his personal panoramic dental x ray to his class.  we thought we were super cool until he came home and said another little boy brought four x rays from when he broke his leg.  oh well, I'd rather teeth than broken bones.  
in other preschool topics, a few weeks ago he made a full sized self portrait and he was super proud of his work, so i thought i'd show what it would look like if brody had a twin:
uncanny resemblance, right?
i think i'll just stick to the one set thanks.

some things never change

here's a pic of kade from a little over a year ago at the house we were renting:
 and here's a pic from a few weeks ago:
i guess when you're a twin and you find something that's "yours", you keep to it!