Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sittin' around

Well the twins have reached another milestone, they can now sit on their own!! I'm so excited! Now it's a lot easier for them to play on the floor, as long as they're surrounded by lots of toys. They're also trying to hold their bottles on their own, Crew's pretty much gotten the hang of it, and Kade's still practicing. They've also started teething (with LOTS of drool), Kade was first to have a little tooth break the surface, then Crew got his first tooth, and now Kade has a second one coming in too! These little guys are growing soo fast! I can't believe we've only had our buddies for a little over 7 months, these boys just fit so perfectly into our family. Up next: hopefully crawling!
I had to include this pic, Kade's laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall over backwards! Love these guys!


Brody is a total CARS fanatic. First it was hot wheels, followed by trucks, and then one day we had the brilliant idea to show him the movie CARS. Needless to say, it's the only time I see him sit still for more than five minutes. He's glued to the whole movie. Now all he talks about is Lightning McQueen and Mater. And I must say, it's a pretty funny movie, once you've seen it 20 or more times!

christmas in bulk

It seems like this year Christmas was celebrated a bunch of times! For the actual holiday, we drove up to Utah to meet the rest of my family to celebrate together. But before we left we celebrated with part of Justin's family at home. Clarke and Diane got Justin and me a cannon slr camera, which Justin might love as much as the boys (I'm still trying to figure it out). I love how much better our pictures turn out! So, if you can believe it, we actually did pack in the boys to drive to vegas and then to provo with lots of crying and screaming. It's clear that Crew does not enjoy long rides in his car seat, nor is it a good sleeping place for him either. But at last we made it and we were ready to spend time with family. Mike was nice enough to let us stay at his place in provo, i think we might have over whelmed him with all our stuff, but he never complained, thanks mike! Also a big thanks to Wendy and Jeremy who hosted everyone for dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, everything was super yummy! Also big thanks for my parents, Katelin and Kris for being apart of baby hold 2009! So, without further adu, here's the photos:

When we came back we celebrated Christmas with the Ashton's extended family, which is always lots of fun! Diane got Clarke Beatles rock band for Christmas, so it was pretty much a week long jam session, so it was pretty fun! Justin's brothers stayed a few more days so there was lots of time to hang out with everyone. This was definitely our busiest Christmas, but we enjoyed seeing lots of family and hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas too!

semester break

Well Justin's semester break started a week before Christmas, so we thought it would be a perfect time to get out and do some things as a family, we had a really fun week! Here's a few highlights:
We went to the natural history museum. We thought Brody would love it since he has a new interest in dinosaurs, however he quickly got bored and wanted to leave. After talking with him we realized he thought we were going to see actual dinosaurs at the museum, not just bones. When you think of it like that then the museum is sort of a bummer.

Justin and I went on a date to Santa Monica. We finished up our Christmas shopping (for each other) along 3rd Street and then walked along the pier and rode the ferris wheel, which has amazing views! It was such a relaxing afternoon!

Brody loves to eat other people's food. Even if we're having something he won't like he'll at least pretend he's going to eat it. This pic of him trying to eat sushi with chopsticks was too good to pass up.

I asked Justin to get the boys dressed, and tossed some clothes downstairs for the three of them. Next thing I noticed he was zipping up and buttoning Brody into his denim capris. WAIT, what?? No, those are actually Crew and Kade's 9 month sized jeans he's wearing! After realizing the mix up, Justin put Brody's own jeans on him.

The twins have been busy playing and trying to crawl, no success at this point, but check back for later posts!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

good things come to those who wait

One December I snooped in my parents room to see if I could find what I was going to get for Christmas. I was super excited when I spotted the Teen Jazzie Barbie! Not only was she Barbie's pop star cousin, but she came with a mix and match of 15 different outfits, i mean what wasn't there to love! I of course told all my friends about my super cool gift. Christmas morning came and my sister opened her Barbie first, I was pretty confused when she opened teen jazzie. I mean why would my parents buy two? I then opened my barbie sized package to see that I had gotten beach barbie who only came with a bikini. What?! I was totally devastated! This Christmas Justin said he had a surprise for me, and you can only imagine my shock to open my gift and see teen jazzie! It's little things like this that help me realize what a total sweetie Justin is! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband, and not to mention a super cool barbie!