Sunday, May 29, 2011


i've been thinking a lot about miracles lately. i think it's easy to think you've never had a true miracle occur in your life, and sometimes i feel the same way too, but lately i can't help but think of crew and kade as my miracles. i remember when we felt like we should have another baby after brody. our prompting and directions we received were really specific and we followed them, but were so surprised to learn that we were expecting twins (seriously, twins!) we didn't know how we'd do it, and how we'd do it while justin was still in school. but our miracles had already started, the twins were healthy and looked great in every ultrasound, the preterm labor in the 31st week was able to reversed and the medication kept those boys right where they should be. we made it to 36 weeks and had two perfectly healthy babies that never needed the nicu and were able to come right home with us. i'm amazed how smoothly everything was just to simply have those guys arrive healthy! we've learned that we had the twins while justin was in school because we had family to help, we could not have done it alone! with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins we made it through the first year, and justin through school. with help we afforded all the diapers, formula (thank you wic!) and clothes we needed. i look back and realize that i've been lucky enough to have two miracles and have been able to watch these two guys grow together which has been incredible, i love watching them develop their special friendship and concern for one another. i feel amazed and blessed to have crew and kade and know they're our miracles. we love these two!!

two turn two!!

this past weekend we celebrated crew and kade turning two!! we decided to make it the ultimate toddler day and filled the schedule with fun and festivities! we went to a couple of the pools at our new housing community; brody loved it, the twins were definitely "suspicious" until they found some parts they liked. for instance crew walked away from me to go past three pools, and up a flight of stairs to wait in line for another trip down the water slide, and yes, i was right behind him. the pools were great, we're so excited to cool off here this summer. here's some pics of the day:
the birthday boys: (crew, kade)

me and kade:

justin and crew:

brody lovin the water!

the water games continued after naps as the broke in their new water table. hey texas is HOT, we gotta stay as cool as possible!

kade enjoying the table:

brody, probably caught in the act:


before dinner we opened presents, which brody loved. the twins? well, they liked the gifts once they were opened!

the boys ready to play:

after dinner we celebrated with cookies, the twins don't really like cake, i wonder where they get that from (guilty cough.) they don't say many words, but one word they picked up very quickly was cookie!


funny story: we were getting ready to clean up to have dessert and none of the boys were helping so we said "let's clean up to have cookies." crew chucked his toys down and made a beeline to start cleaning while chanting "cookies, cookies." it was hilarious. we love our boys are were so excited to celebrate today!

spring program

brody's preschool put on a spring america themed singing program and open house a few weeks ago, and here's one of his songs (he's in the front at the end on the right):

we think he did great, as for the other songs, we only heard them from the halls with the twins. oh well, it sounded great!


it seems like we celebrated easter a few times this year! first i was able to help in brody's class for their easter party, which was really entertaining. it's funny to watch brody attempt to follow directions, sometimes he's so excited he can't wait for his turn, or other times he's distracted and jumping around while he's supposed to be waiting in line. like i said, it's entertaining.
here's a little video of his relay game:

like i said, he has a hard time waiting for his turn!
eggs from the hunt:
a pic with mom. i hadn't told him i was coming to help, since i wasn't able to find anyone to watch the twins, but justin got off work super early, so i surprised brody, i loved seeing his sweet excited smile to see me there, so cute!
on sunday we celebrated easter at church and had dinner with rob and jana, and on monday for fhe we had our baskets and egg hunt, which worked out really well. the boys were really excited to see what was in there baskets and they loved the easter hunt. this was the twins first egg hunt and they were so cute and excited when they'd find an egg. of course, you should have seen how excited they were to learn that the eggs were filled with treats!
boy, do our boys love curious george!
crew and kade love the cute books by sandra boynton, they each got one.
it was really neat to talk to brody about the true meaning of easter this year after heling him distinguish between christmas (the birth) and easter (the resurrection), the little message we tried to teach him was: "Jesus isn't dead, he's alive!" it was really cool to be able to teach his such a simple yet beautiful gospel message!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

with out further adieu

last week we bought this:
i love it! more pics to come when more boxes are unpacked.