Saturday, February 23, 2013

best buds

crew and kade call each other best bud.  i absolutely love it!!  so instead of "go get your brother!"  we say "go get best bud" and they know exactly who your talking about. it's heart melting.  i don't think i've ever once come off like i think twins are a piece of cake, or super manageable, or that i'm some kind of twin expert.  but i do know the major blessing of twins is to watch the amazing bond these two have.  their whole world is each other.  it's one of those things that can't properly be caught on film, but it's the snippets of conversation or play that i get to see or overhear throughout the day.  i love it!  i took the pics of the boys playing the other day and i love this little sequence of crewkade.  

 they've been in separate classes in preschool this year, which has had it's ups and downs, but it's made them miss each other during the day and they enjoy playing with each other so much more now.  i love these two to absolute pieces and feel so blessed to be able to watch them grow together!


Last month we recieved a letter home from Brody's school saying he had been chosen as student of the month!  I was excited about that, but then I noticed that each month has a theme, and Brody was selected for the theme "caring and respect" and that made me super proud!!  He got to design a poster about himself that was displayed at school:
and he received a ribbon at the PTA meeting
shortly after that high, he got sick which eventually led to an ear infection.  then about a week later crew got sick, and a couple days later kade was under the weather too, lovely.  crewkade both had ear infections that required drops so a couple times a day they looked like this:
so cute, but so sad!  all the boys were troopers and completed the rounds of antibiotics.  (and as a side note, can i just quickly mention how irritating it is when you bring your kid into the doctor and they have a "bulging" ear infection and the doctor talks to you like you're the worst mother on the planet because you didn't know your child had an ear infection.  i mean hello!  it's not like i have one of those ear-looky-into tool things at home!  i'm still bringing them in aren't i?  ok, rant over.)

In other news, my little crewser has developed a sneaky strategy to gain one-on-one time with mom.  he wakes up 45 minutes early from his nap, and ever so quietly comes downstairs so he won't wake kade. this is how he looks during our "secret" time together:
I'll ask him if we should go wake kade up to play too, and he always replies "no, kade need to sleep."  it is nice to have a little cozy time without it being a battle of shared space.  (and on another side note, it's amazing how well behaved kids can be one-on-one.  if i ever wanted to have a perfectly proven research project it would be titled "the perfect behavior of a singled out child vs. the monstrous behavior of a sibling child.")

valentines day came and the boys handed out these gems:
brody loved the glasses card, and we made a double batch of love bug valentines for the twins classes.  the bug cards seemed to be a success, hence the post preschool loot:
and as you can see brody was extra excited to get candy that was "just for me- no sharing."  his school decorates boxes for valentines day and apparently it's a pretty big deal- i didn't know, i still remember sponge painting hearts on our white lunch sacks in elementary school.  anyway justin helped him make this:
a giant lego!  the day it was due he carried it into school and these gigantic 4th graders stopped him to inspect his lego.  and apparently the vice principal stopped him in the halls to tell him how much he liked his valentines day box.  apparently an oversized lego catch the eyes of both boys and men.  so that's a wrap up of the past little while here, we hope you have a lovely valentines day too!