Tuesday, October 30, 2012

viking pics

the boys love the movie "how to train your dragon" and when we found out there's a show of it on cartoon network, we were super excited!  thus, vikings seemed like a logical choice for halloween costumes.  i knew i wanted something wooly and i used this costume as a reference.  we usually take pics right before we go trick or treating, but we have a little "wooded" area nearby which would be cute with their costumes this year, so we dressed them up and let them loose!  here's a picture overload:
brody, crew and kade
 kade, crew and brody
 kade and brody
 all the vikings
 kade and crew
I'm so glad we took pictures out in the trees, it was hilarious to watch these little vikings running through the trees!!  not to mention the curious stares of people driving by!  now when we drive by this little hill we're always on the lookout for vikings!  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

radiator springs

our boys love pixar movies, like LOVE them!  when we heard that california adventure at disneyland was opening a "cars land" we were super excited!  we decided to do a day at california adventure since the rides and characters there are right up the boys' alley.  instead of telling them where we were going we simply told them that "while in california, we'll try to find radiator springs."  that definitely got the excitement going.  so monday morning we started out "search" which was fun because a lot of the billboards on the way to disneyland have lightning mcqueen on them!  finally, with park map in tow, we found this:

 the set up was soo cute!  the boys loved seeing all the places from the movie!  halfway through the town we spotted this guy:
he revs his engine and says ku-chow!  the boys thought he was awesome, and talking to them personally!  justin and i jumped in the shot too, i mean hello- it's lightning mcqueen!  we have all his lines memorized (and everyone else's in the movie!)
after our stroll through town we headed over to bugs life, which i had the boys watch the day before.  kade was really excited to see hopper- the boy loves his grasshoppers!
 we watched the little bug movie, which delighted the boys and creeped out all the girls, especially the ending!  we rode some rides like heimlich's lunch train:
 bug bumper cars
take-out box spin (kade)
 we ventured to some other areas for monsters inc., and the little mermaid.  we went back to cars land and saw some familiar faces:
 and mater, who yelled "dad gum!" while going by
 we did a little tractor tipping:
shauna and alyssa

 justin and crew
we also did the talking with crush show, and "bodacious brody" was selected by crush to talk to him, which then meant that i had to talk to crush as well, it was so cute!  we watched the pixar parade and the twins we're so excited to see everyone, that might have been the highlight of their day!  afterward we headed over to the toy story area- i love the toy story ride! 
 brody, grandma diane, crew and shauna
 kade and grandpa clarke
after the carousel they brought buzz lightyear out near by, which i honestly thought would be a good idea to see.  as you can notice, kade was not on board for this.
 i am confused as to why he cried with buzz lightyear, but was more than excited to touch and pose with hopper?  funny kid.  later we took brody on soaring over california and he was just in awe of the whole thing!  the whole ride he had that excited disbelief face on, it was so magical to watch, i loved it!  we spent a few more hours playing, but eventually the boys (and mom) were too tuckered out, and needed to head home.  our last stop was a toy store so each kid could pick out an action figure- as in a singular toy, however this is what crew decided on:
 can you see how exhausted he is?  poor little guy!  we did settle on the action figures (two zurg's for crewkade and a woody for brody.)  
it was a great day and so fun to watch the boys get so excited over the magic of disneyland!  i think they'll be talking about the day we found radiator springs for quite a while!


we booked out flights to come out for katelin's wedding months ago, and "finally" the day was here to fly to california.  at the airport the pilot saw our boys playing around and offered to show them the cockpit once we got on the plane.  talk about starting the trip off on a great foot!  here's the pilot showing them the cockpit:
 and then giving up his seat for brody
 then crew
 kade was a little shy, and joined me back in our seats, but crew and brody were really pumped about sitting in the cockpit!  the next day was katelin and matt's wedding:
 of course the newlywed kiss shot:
 we didn't bring the camera out too much, it gets a little crazy with the boys, but justin and i did snag a quick shot of us together that day:
 the boys:
 the next day we went to the beach for a bit, and crew grew a 5 o'clock shadow while playing:
 a little digging:
 another day we went swimming at shauna's- actually i say we, but it was just justin and the boys in the water, just a little too chilly for me!
 playing with uncle ryan
 we watched katlein and matt open their presents, crew and kade got all dressed up for the event:
 our flight home, which i was really hoping the boys would sleep for- they didn't.  but our flights this trip were much improved from our trip back in april, so i'm guessing about ten trips from now our boys should be a breeze on plane rides!
we enjoyed our trip and loved being able to see lots of family on both sides!  

finding memo 3D

justin took the boys to see finding memo in 3D and sent me this pic of crewkade, so cute!
afterward crew told me "i got to wear brody's glasses at the movies!"

fall soccer

i was a little hesitant to sign all the boys up for soccer this season, with overlapping schedules as a concern.  turns out i was totally right, they practice the same time and day each week- on separate sides on town!  it's nuts, plus a couple of their games overlap during the weekends- awesome.
however, they get their uniforms and i see how cute they look, and it's then a little less stressful.
brody's plays on a 3v3 league, which is interesting.  he's always the fastest, but sometimes looses focus on the ball.  he did tell me "mom, i know i'm supposed to watch the ball, but sometimes i like to watch my legs to see how fast i'm going!"  it's totally true.  i don't know if soccer's his thing, but he's certainly excited to be there!

 crew and kade
 oh yeah, numbers 1 and 2, i love it!
 kade, that's his spot, we're working on leaving that spot to follow the other kids during the game
 crew taking a throw in, crew at least trails the bumblebee swarm.
the twins are interesting to watch too.  they only keep one in at a time, so i get to sub them in and out at my discretion, it's really weird.  but they like going, and they think it's super cool that their coach is named andy, like the kid in the toy story movies.