Monday, August 31, 2009

boys club

"Cute" meetings like this could seriously backfire on me one day. Talking and babbling could become scheming and plotting. At least for now it's harmless!


Ok, I know I've only been a mom for a couple years, so I'm not quite the seasoned professional I one day hope to be. However, in some situations I just have to stop and ask myself: "How did I NOT see that coming?" Today I gave Brody some water to wash his magnetic alphabet letters with, thinking this was a great way for him to unleash some energy and get some toys clean. But as usual, things went way differently than planned:

Things seem fun, and non problematic.
Brody, king of pouring and transferring objects from one bowl to another, obviously found a better way to have fun!
So probably everyone, except me, would have seen that watery disaster coming. Of course while cleaning up the water, I couldn't really blame him for pouring two bowls of water all over the table, chairs and floor. I mean hello! He LOVES to pour stuff! Oh well, it's just soapy water, so I guess at least part of our house will be cleaner! Hmm.. maybe I should put him to "work" in other parts of the house too!

Monday, August 24, 2009

smiles all around

Time has been flying with the twins, pretty soo they'll be three months old. When Brody was little we took tons of pictures, but with twins it's hard to find a free hand to take a picture! Luckily we've taken a couple to capture their latest accomplishment: smiling! Crew and Kade are becoming so social, it's really fun to "converse" with their little coos! They also have really been packing on the pounds, especially Kade, so they have squishy little thighs, cheeks and chins! Here's some pics of our two little guys:

Kade giving a super big smile!

Playing together (and are actually not being held!)

Kade using a bottle top as a pacifier

Kade was not going to give me a smile, but Crew gave a little one!

table for three

So after a rather large break from doing anything crafty, I was a little inspired to make something for the boys. I used the cricut for the letters, dicuts for the shapes and of course a little mod podge! Luckily this was a pretty quick project, so it was easy to finish in an afternoon. Here's the finished product:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

go dodgers!

A couple weeks ago, we were able to take Brody to mormon night for the dodgers, and had lots of fun! Before the game we taught him how to cheer and say "go dodgers" and "go manny". He loved that he was able to yell and cheer really loud with everyone else -of course the junk food didn't hurt the night either! Justin was super excited since our seats were in left field where manny stands, he's such a fan! Although we left early, we had a fun night and enjoyed hanging out with friends! Thanks again to Shauna and Diane for watching the twins!

Go Dodgers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brody babble

Brody's a pretty fun kid, at least I think so! Here's a couple funny things he's said lately:

After placing a laundry basket on his head: "Ohh, big hat!"

The twins were laying down and Justin pick one up, Brody pointed to the one still on the floor and said: "Oh, that one's mommy's."

We're trying to help him feel safe even when it's dark by saying 'it's ok, mommy/daddy's here' but the other morning he announces: "It's ok, chocolate milk's here!" That might be the first sign of an emotional eater!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

double duty

Before Crew and Kade came I was always wondering 'how you do it' with two babies (I think some mornings I still wonder how) so here's some photos to satisfy your curiousity:

How to hold two babies.

How to feed two babies.

How to burp two babies.
So that's part of our day, there's lots more were figuring out, but Crew and Kade a pretty good babies, so it's coming right along! I can't believe they're already over two months, that seemed to go by so quickly! Crew and Kade are starting to look more and more alike, it's so easy to mix them up! Lately they just started smiling which is so cute! We love our new little guys and hopefully we'll have some more pics to come soon!

not a place to sit

Grandma and grandpa got Brody this cute water sink for our patio in hopes that this would keep him a little occupied while I'm busy with the twins. Great idea right? The first day Brody played great, but from the second day on this is the result, maybe five minutes after I fill up the sink:
The good news is once he's given into temptation and becomes fully immersed he'll play for quite a while. I just have to make sure he's in his trunks before I fill up the sink!

kid proof?

Ok seriously what does "child proof" mean? Last year Brody figured out the cabinet locks, and how to climb out of his crib. This year he figured out baby door locks, medicine bottles, and how to unlock and open the sliding door to let people in (whether or not we're around). What the heck? My last working lock is for the fridge... hopefully it lasts!