Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Primary program

Earlier this month our ward had the primary program, It was really great! I was a little nervous giving Brody an open mic in front of a crowd, but he did great! I thought i'd try to video the boys saying their parts each year so I can see them grow from year to year, so here's Brody:
*That little bit about it being Sunday wasn't actually part of his part, but more the sharing of information.

Pumpkin patch

Our ward's playgroup met at the pumpkin patch, so we joined in on the fun. I really like this pumpkin patch, we went a few weeks ago and had fun that time too! It's free, lots of white pumpkins (my fav) and a little farmstand with fresh veggies, jams, salsas and honeycrisp apples (by far the best type of apple ever.) I tried to get a cute little picture of the boys, and this was the result:
hmm, not so great. the older one should do better right?
I guess he thought the camera was off to the side!
Running around on the hay maze:
My favorite part of the morning was the twins on the bounce house slide, one word: hilarious!


A couple weeks ago Taylor Swift came to cowboys stadium for the final stop of her speak now tour. We bought tickets back in january so I have been waiting for quite a while for this concert! I really enjoyed the show, she has alot of creative stuff going on and she sounded a little better live than I expected. But holy cow, there certainly were A LOT of screaming bedazzled tween girls!! I started to wonder if I was way off to think I was part of a target audience, but there were two men sitting in front of us, without any girls accompaning them, so I felt a little better about being there! Here's some pics from our night:
special guest B.O.B.
justin's way to "cope" with the evening, the espn mobile app
singing a ball gown

floating over the audience

In true Taylor fashion there was a lot of hair being whipped around, and running up and down the stage, and in true aging kim fashion I was really concerned she was going to get dizzy and pass out. Turns out she's young and perfectly fine moving all around for multiple hours!! She put on a great show and was definitely worth the wait!

Have a seat

You may be shocked by this, so are you sitting down? I actually got some crafts done!! The craftiness has been very few and very far between since a pair of guys showed up a few years ago, but it seems that if I plan a little better then I may actually find some opportunities to get some things done, I'm super excited! The other night I made this Halloween yarn wreath, which is definitely a simpler version than I've seen, but I figured I'd start with baby steps.

I promise the flowers are supposed to look wrinkled like that! And also, that's not my arm. Anywho, this is really, really easy to make, it just takes a really long time to wrap the yarn around the wreath, so I recommend having some good tv on to keep you going! Now sit tight, I'm already moving on to the next project...
I had seen this on eighteen25 and thought it was really cute, the letters were from hobby lobby, spray painted flat white and i modge podged paper onto the heart. I think for now I like how it turned out! It certainly helps to have a little more space to work on things! Now, hopefully the shock has worn off and next time no one will be caught off guard when I finish a project!