Sunday, November 30, 2008

he's trouble

We moved to our current place a year ago and tried to make the place as kid friendly as possible when we set up house. Yeah right. Brody can already climb up to grab the items I placed out of reach, and he has no problem working child locks on our drawers and cabinets in the kitchen (ok maybe my fault as I bought ghetto locks since they were cheap). Brody can definitely be trouble, especially as he channels his evil twin in the mirror (hopefully a video to follow soon), but lately I can hardly look at him without swelling up in pride and love, he's so sweet and I'm so glad that little stinker is ours!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

eat up

Right before Brody turned one he got super picky about anything we'd serve him to eat. Mostly he'd refuse, except for a few staples. Lately he's been coming around and trying new foods, it's been quite a relief! The funny thing is, once he enjoys the food, he'll eat a ton! He's a huge fan of bananas, and pronounces it pretty cute, which we normally serve in three large chunks for him to munch on. Well, as he loves to out do himself, he shoved all three chunks, or the whole banana in his mouth at once! He slowly worked it, and after a minute or two, he actually was able to swallow the whole thing. What a champ!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last Halloween was quite an eye-opener. I bought a costume for Brody to wear, but come Halloween night he threw a huge tantrum and would not wear it. We luckily had a little basketball outfit that we used for his costume instead, and he loved it! This year I made him a mummy costume (which I felt suited him since he still walks a little crooked) but the night of our ward trunk-or-treat we had an all out battle trying to get it on him, and resorted to letting him wear a little soccer outfit we have. I was so bummed! All my hard work, for nothing! Justin made a few adjustments to the costume and on Halloween night Brody actually wore his mummy costume, I was so proud! Brody went trick-or-treating at both grandparents houses and over to his great-grandparents house. A couple hours and lots of kit kats later, he was all partied out! It was definitely a happy Halloween!

Our little mummy. Mummy and mommy.

Enjoying the new stash!