Monday, October 5, 2009

review session

Well clearly I haven't updated for a while, and this post should take everyone up to date. So here goes:
At the end of August we went to our ward's annual beach party, Luckily this year there wasn't any large waves to soak everyone! The twins, each in a baby bjourn, did great and really enjoyed being outside. Brody loved running around, and thought the kite flying was super cool.

There was A LOT of this going on:
Colds all around, teething for Brody (six teeth!), and four-month shots for the twins.
We celebrated this guy's 28th birthday, and kicked off the start of his LAST year of school (we are sooo excited)!!

We finally ordered a second:

And now the boys are all in one room together. So far it's had a couple bumps, but it's coming along pretty well.
We're getting LOTS of smiles from these two:

Crew and Kade have begun:

Rice cereal and rolling over both ways.

We realized Brody knows what it means to go "hands free".

Obviously I've showed him how to talk on the phone when both hands are occupied with:

Things are a little crazy, but no matter what I still LOVE these sweeties: