Tuesday, June 22, 2010

decor on a bargain

Well we finally all made it to dallas, and so far things are settling down and falling into place, so we're really enjoying it! We're renting a house and it's much more space then we had before, now Brody actually has his own room! With more space I needed to find some inexpensive decor ideas to spruce the place up, and luckily the boys gave me some inspiration!

Drab entryway?

A sofa table can put some warmth into your entryway, especially when adorned with inviting pieces to create a welcoming feeling!

Boring windows?

Use that window sill as a ledge to climb on -whoops! i mean a place to display charming pieces to show neighbors what fun maybe going on inside!
(and yes crew's pushing kade's head into the wall, that's all part of my day folks!)

Toys everywhere?

Don't hide them... display them! Let others know what fun things might jump out at them to play with!

So that's our current decor... perhaps one day i'll actually have pieces you can buy at the store too!