Sunday, September 12, 2010

feeling squished?

some one should help this guy:

dental treatment

i don't know if you've ever wished you'd married a dentist since it would save you on dental treatments, but i highly doubt a kid would wish his dad was a dentist since things like this might happen at home:

just a little hygiene cleaning after hours, dental instruments and all.

i don't lie

i don't lie when i say my boys are climbers. i don't exaggerate their "talents" and i don't keep track of the number of times someone tells me "wow, you've got a climber on your hands" i mean seriously, i already know. besides, anyone who spends time with these guys will learn that they love to climb everything. case in point, crew's busy work:

i don't want to have to say i told you so.

park time

so our neighbors asked us if we like how much it's cooled off lately, which is funny since i've lately asked myself "is it ever going to cool off?" well it's slightly cooler so we headed out to the park to let the boys get outside for a bit. here's our night out:
brody loved this big swing
kade also loved the swinging
crew was determined to climb up the slide
making their way across the bouncy bridge.

a spoonful of sugar

i think when heavenly father made kade he put in an extra scoop of sugar because kade is such a sweetie! he's the one who likes to cuddle (but only a little bit) and LOVES to be tickled. He already likes to share (maybe he doesn't have a choice) and sometimes when crew's crying while his diaper's getting changed, kade will bring him a toy to help calm him down, he tries to hug his brothers even when they're walking away from him and when brody's having a time out in his room, kade will cry for him outside his door until he can come out. he's just such a sweetie, i think he's what makes all our little guys manageable! lately i've just felt so grateful to have such a thoughtful and loving little guy that i had to share it. i love this little guy!