Monday, January 19, 2009

are you curious?

Well today was the big ultrasound! As cool as the images are, I really can't stand that you have to hold 32 oz. of water! So the results are in: they're both movers! They tag teamed against the ultrasound tech, who couldn't get some measurements since they kept moving around! After all the measurements were taken, Justin was able to come in for the final part. She checked one baby, and said it was a boy! We were so excited for Brody to have a little brother to play with! After the second baby settled a little she told us: it's a boy! So we've got two boys on our way, and they both seem super busy and ready for action (does that remind you of our other little guy?) Although I was hoping for two boys, it's seems a little unreal, I guess I'm not ready to share my throne just yet! It's definitely official, I'm a boys mom!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Twins Poll

Take a look on the right side of our blog, there is a poll going on to see what you all think the twins are going to be!

On Monday we are having the ultrasound to find out exactly what they will be. Take a minute to give us your best guess!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

first cut

At the time people started noticing Brody had hair, Justin and I started to notice he needed a haircut. We invested in some clippers (a smart move considering we have one boy and possibly one or two more on the way) and sat him down for his first cut. Surprisingly he did great! He looks so much older now with his new evenly cut hair. I was going to include a before and after shot, but lets be honest, he's so blond you probably won't notice the difference. Maybe after his runny nose subsides I'll include a shot of his new do.