Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Galaxy game

On Saturday Justin and I went to the LA Galaxy game, which was so much fun! We were so excited to watch Beckham live, rather than from our living room. We started out with some ok seats by a kid who was kind of obnoxious, not to mention that his big foam hand was being waved a little too close to my face, so the second half we stood down on the main level to watch, which was a great decision! The galaxy were down 1-0and that second half we saw Donovan make a pk to tie, then Buddle made another goal taking it to 2-1. The second to last play of the game was a corner on the Galaxy's goal, which brought the whole opposing team forward, including their goalie. Here's what happened when the ball got cleared (the last play of the game):

It was incredible! Everyone went crazy! The game was sooo fun! We definitely can't wait to go again! At the Home Depot center they have this cut out of Beckham to take pictures with, so of course we had to take a picture! Bytheway, the girl right before us held his hand in her photo, it was great!

After the game Beckham always cheers the fans as a thank you, which is pretty cool. I would post more pictures, but since I was overly excited to be there I have a huge chucky cheese smile in every picture, it's a little scary! Anyway, it was a great game, and thanks to my dad for watching Brody for us!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Brody's been saying mama for a while now, which I thought would be really exciting. However I've had a slight suspicion that he doesn't really mean mom when saying mama. As a result I've been trying to note the situation he's in when he uses mama. On mother's day (of all the days) it was confirmed that his term mama is really his way to ask for more food. So I'm a little crushed that he's not really calling me, but it is helpful to know when he wants more food. My only other consolation is that his term dada doesn't really mean daddy -what a relief!

Monday, May 5, 2008

These last two weeks Justin had his semester break, so we really tried to make the most of it. Since Brody was back to normal (I feel like I have the funnest kid ever) we were able to get out a do some stuff. We took Brody back to the pool (this time it was a weekday) and he didn't cry once! I still held him the whole time but we were able to get wet up to his chest, I was so proud of him! I guess there's hope for the summer after all! We joined the Polson's at the wild animal park which was really fun, and hot, really, really hot! There were lots of baby animals at the park, they were all soo cute! We went to Disneyland with Justin's family, and even rode a couple ride (btw it is possible to get soaked on splash mountain, even at night), Brody and I spent a couple days at the park, we visited with family, and went shopping in Huntington Beach. Not that you'd believe me if I showed you, but we cleaned the house too. After we cleaned Brody added his own personal decor to each room, so it no longer looks clean. It was so fun to have Justin home these past two weeks, this break will hopefully keep him going through this next semester, which is a busy one. In august he'll take his first board exam so he can start working in the clinic, which is pretty exciting. So now that his break is over, let the studying begin.