Sunday, March 27, 2011

you workout?

the twins take a LONG time to get to sleep at nap time. their usually playing together or creating piles of stuff in their room. the other day i walked in to find them "rearranging" their room. now they do it all the time, it's like a weight lifting workout. i finally got it on video, hey, at least they're having fun right?

oh, and enjoy the twinspeak jibber jabber.

the raptors

so the blessed day of november 28th finally rolled around and the twins were officially in nursery! did you know there's classes for adults the other two hours of church? i had completely forgotten! so with some apprehension for the nursery leaders we dropped of the twins and pretty much bolted from the room. they escaped the first day and were soon labeled "the climbing monkeys." it's been four months and the cute nicknames has been changed, crew and kade are now called "the raptors." you know those velociraptors in jurassic park- the ones who solely focus on destroying? Turn up your sound because the narrative is classic!

yup, thats what are boys are named after. or maybe it's because they double team against the leaders to create mischief. either way the leaders are requesting the twins be separated into different nurseries. i'm a little torn on the matter, i kinda feel validated on the fact that my kids are crazy, but sad that the crew and kade will be separated from one another (and especially sad for the one who has to go in a new nursery all alone.) im also concerned if my kids are the one's putting the leaders over the edge of sanity in a two-hour time period. so in a couple weeks the test run will begin, but till then i kind of dread the day of separating these two little guys.

is the thought of separating them not sad? i mean look how they sleep!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

his favorite girl

they say you should love your kids equally, but he might have just nudged ahead.

clean up on aisle one

i think i should clean my kitchen:

because if you look hard enough you'll find this amongst the chaos:

he should nap more, preferably in his own bed.

foiled again

i kind of feel like a fool. remember this post? well as luck would have it we might not be the only ones out there with crazy kids because amazon sells magnetic locks that we promptly purchased and installed on crew and kade's dresser drawers. things have done a complete 180!! no more clothes pick up, i love it!!! let me guess, you're waiting for the foolish part? oh yes, i was foolish enough to think the messes would stop. the drawers are locked, yes; the bedding, sheets, blankets, pillows and toys are not, hence coming in their room and finding this:
they were supposed to be sleeping. oh as a side note, we now have to dress the twins in sleepers for bed or else we'll walk in to find them butt-naked. sorry for the graphic term, but i think you get the picture we're seeing!

Monday, March 7, 2011

zoo day

last weekend we ventured out to the fort worth zoo a little apprehensive since you never know how wild the boys could get in the, well..., wild. but actually the outing was a HUGE success!! we didn't loose anyone, no one threw a tantrum, and crew and kade sat really well in the stroller the first part of the day. the only hiccup? crew blocking walkers on a bridge to stop and make gorilla noises, refusing to move. and no, we were no where near the gorillas anymore. luckily the people laughed and he's still light enough to scoop up and move out of the way. here's some pics:
justin and the boys at the gorillas, seriously, these guys (the monkeys) are huge!
crew, kade and me by the parrots, which are soo pretty! i didn't realize quite how brightly colored parrots are! i would actually consider owning one -but only if they didn't repeat back the things you say, it seems incriminating.
kade and crew loved the penguins! the little guys would swim and hover underwater right next to the glass, they thought it was so cool!
justin snapped this pic of the lion, so cute!

at the end of the trip we rode the little train back to the entrance to leave, and that ride may have been the highlight of brody's week! as a side story, i ran into a grandma (ok, she tracked me down) who's daughter just had twins and she asked when it starts getting easier. "three months? six months? seven? when does it get easier?" the look of panic in her eyes was priceless as justin turned to me and said "i don't know hon, has it started getting easier yet?" so funny! but really, i was one proud mama leaving the zoo, the boys had fun, they were happy and our family outing was great!