Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 years old!

brody has been counting down to turning five for about a year and a half!  as the day approached he became very specific about how his day should be and thankfully it was everything we had anticipated!    it was a jam packed day, he started out at swimming lessons, and then we headed straight to the science museum.  we took in a space movie at the planetarium and then headed over to the grossology exhibit.

brody and kade playing life sized operation:
kade and crew shooting snot balls into the giant nose:
the boys love the outside features which is where these two got soaking wet:
soon after we left and on the way out brody got some water action at the splash fountain in front of the museum:
we came home so brothers could nap and after that we headed to the pools for a couple hours!  afterward we picked up some pizza and came home to our pirate party!
all ready for his pirate hunt to find gold treasure:
after his pirates cake we headed to some other treasure... presents!
here's brody opening his "big gift" that he was hoping for!

yup, he's been longing for a globe!  he also got a scooter, which we thought he'd be excited for, but he just handed it off to go study his globe some more, this guy cracks me up!
brody planned an excellent birthday extravaganza for us, and we had a great day celebrating the big number 5!

two focused

i took this pic of crewkade looking a their favorite book (toy story 3 look and find) and i just think these little guys are so stinking cute!

brody's room

so months and months ago i mentioned we were going to do a little work to brody's room.  well we did, months ago, and i'm finally getting around to showing what we've done.  here's the before:
 thankfully the previous owners had everything neutral in the house, it's been great to work with!
 brody loves space, planets and astronauts, so he has some space stuff in his room.  we decided to give painting a try, and added some stripes.  this was our test project before we conquered the bathroom downstairs.  so here's how it turned out:
 each wall has the compass direction in the corner, brody loves it!  we also added a hook for his backpack which really excited him for some reason.
 a good astronaut always has his helmet nearby incase he has an emergency mission into space.
 i ordered the vinyl rocket from here on easy.  and picked up a cork board at hobby lobby, then switched it out for a magnetic sheet.  his little desk is the one i mentioned justin picked up off craigslist.
so that's it.  i want to put a little something on the wall with his backpack hooks but just haven't solidified on an idea yet!  so that's his not-so-new new room!


well as most know i don't have my ears pierced!  first it was because i was really apprehensive that it would hurt really bad- i mean they are shooting a hole in to your body!  then it was i really didn't want the maintenance.  then prom happened, then some years later i got married so i figured what other fancy event would i need to wear earrings to?  well a few weeks ago i saw a visitor at church with super cute earrings, which is saying a lot because i never notice earrings.  i gave it some thought and decided after 17 years of waiting, that i'd actually take the plunge!  here's my apprehensive look before:
 and the after:
it was a little embarrassing to be this nervous lady at claire's getting her ears pierced for the first time but the girl said i did a "really good job."  i'd like to say that comforted me, but it just embarrassed me more since it was a busy friday night at the mall with lots of young tweens at claire's.  anywho, i just thought i'd show my proof that i finally did it!  now i can't wait for the stud period to be over so i can wear the fabulous earrings that justin got me for our anniversary!