Thursday, August 16, 2012

never dull

since crew and kade have arrived i've recieved comments from people just about every place we go, even places we frequent who know how active these three can be.  there's certainly a couple of classics like "wow you certainly have your hands full!"  or "you must be exhausted at the end of the day!"  and the ever present "i bet there's never a dull moment at your house!"  sometimes i smile but mostly i'm trying super hard not to roll my eyes (shocking, i know.)  but the truth is there really aren't a lot of dull moments at our house.  of course sometimes it's cute, other times comedic, sometimes destructive, but mostly they're just so boy
 here's a couple videos of the boys being themselves.
here's one of kade at the splash park.  we actually don't frequent the splash park very often because brody complains there's no one to play with, and the twins just sit next to me asking for snacks.  when they finally do go out and play this happens like every other minute:
i should clarify that it's not just crew stealing kade's bucket but vice versa as well, it can get old really fast.
one thing that certainly isn't dull are these guy's exercising moves!  i love watching little kids exercising, it always cracks me up!  this video has it all, summersaults, jumping jacks and hopscotch, enjoy:
for reference crew was both the summersaulter and the hop-scotcher.  kade was the enthusiastic jumping-jacker, and i'd like to think that if your reading this blog you already know which one brody is.

i love that the twins are imaginative, brody is very into practicality and realism, but the twins enjoy making things come to life, it's fun to watch.  lately they've had a lot of fun reenacting scenes from their favorite movies, i love seeing the "magic" of this age.  here's some fun they were having while snacking on teddy grahams:
i certainly hope you don't want me to translate all that!  that's proof that even i don't understand all they say- although they of course understand each other perfectly!  i know they put their bears for a nap and something scary came, and obviously they met an early death, curtesy crew.

this last video is why i don't enjoy giving the boy balloons to play with, and a good example of the boy behavior around here (at least in my opinion):
sometimes people really underestimate kade since he's a sweetie, but he certainly can get a swift kick in there!
so those are our less than dull moments that have been keeping us busy!