Monday, March 15, 2010

trip to dallas

For years we've been wondering what we should do after dental school, should we stay local, try some place new, or try to work it in with a dentist we already know? About six months ago a company in texas sent a letter of interest to Justin, and since his brother lives in dallas, we decided to look into the opportunity. We planned a trip to dallas and Justin sent out some resumes. Soon he had five interviews lined up for the weekend we were coming to town. Out of the five, two are at the top of the list. We tried to scour the areas to see if we'd like it, and we did! We have a couple areas we really liked that would work for different offices. The cost of living is unbelievable: one area had brand new homes (and gorgeous homes at that, i LOVED them) for like 325, and another place further out from dallas had lakefront properties starting at the 240's!! Seriously, unreal!! Anywho, we'd just rent for a while until we save some money and find the best area for us. But we had a great trip and are starting to look forward to our summer move to the big D!

relaxing, texas style.

we went to this texas bbq for dinner, you buy your bbq meat by the pound! sounds overwhelmingly heavy, but it was really good!

of course it's fake, did you really have question it?

So longhorn statues are EVERYWHERE and this painted one was hilarious, so I had to get a pic!