Monday, January 16, 2012

going foreign

this year in preschool brody has a spanish unit once a week, and he is absolutely loving it!  for some reason it's super entertaining to watch such a blonde little boy say so many words in espanol!  here's some video of his counting:
here's another video of him talking about colors:
he really likes to get the pronunciation and accent just right (he'll correct you if you're off), so it seems he's  really trying to go bilingual, maybe he has a desire to go foreign on his mission one day, of course he may take to spanish and then get called somewhere entirely different and need to learn two completely foreign languages- it's been known to happen before.

homemade biscuits

you see these big bad boys:
they took (from scratch) 30 minutes to make!*  That includes letting yeast rise, kneading, rolling into rolls, the whole thing, oh, and they were delicious!!  I saw the recipe here on real mom kitchen and decided to try them.  We used them for breakfast sandis (with egg, meat and hash browns), and also had them then next morning warmed with jelly, soo good!  Justin says they be perfect for biscuits and gravy, but i haven't tried that yet seeing as how biscuits and gravy is usually more than just making biscuits and gravy.  any who, make these for dinner and you won't be disappointed!  
*30 minutes does not include baking, that's an additional 15 minutes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

family pics

a couple months ago we took some family pictures, curtesy of a fun photographer in our ward.  i kept meaning to post some pics from the shoot, but didn't want to "spoil" the great excitement that comes with seeing what photo was included on our christmas card.  so, here's some others we liked:

and of course the family photo from our card:

i really like the family photo, it seems to just exude the "uniqueness" of our family.  i can't imagine our boys sitting perfectly posed and smiling right at the camera(at least not for several more years), this is definitely more "us."we haven't has family pictures taken since the twins arrived, it always seemed like a really overwhelming idea.  turns out it is a lot of work (i was literally sweating, then again, tx is hot) but i love looking at these pics!  i'm sure if you make your way to texas in the next few months you'll see some of these hanging up in our home, which would be a nice change from our currently empty walls.