Friday, February 19, 2010

new tricks

Everyone told me my life would be chaotic once the twins started crawling, but I love that they can get around on their own! The real tricky part is that now they pull up on everything, even each other. They love to stand, but they're still a little wobbly, so they fall a lot. Kade's even taken some brave steps from a toy to the couch, while holding on of course! He reminds me so much of what Brody was like at this age! Crew, while a very hard worker, is a couple weeks behind Kade, but he's finally on the move now too (hopefully videos to come).

btw, Crew looks so much like a little Brody in this pic (he's the one being pulled)

the twins are also big fans of project runway, I never knew a tape measure could be so exciting, make it work! Oh, and I hope you like their super hero dino jammies,I love them!

monster jam

When justin heard a commercial for monster jam, he said he needed to take brody. Soon enough a boys night was planned and brody, justin, ryan and clarke drove to angels stadium for the show. At first brody was unsure of the whole thing:

But then the monster trucks started doing this:

And he was glued! Hence these smiles:
Now at least once a day I hear about gravedigger:

But I mean come on, look what he can do:

Now brody lines up his hotwheels to drive over, and takes his trucks off jumps around the house. Not to mention he now has his very own gravedigger truck! thanks diane!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

of course not

Oh no, I never mix these guys up...

There's a reason I don't match their clothes!