Sunday, February 27, 2011

warm it up

february has been a bit of a mixed bag of weather here, first we had the crazy snow days and now we're having some fabulous weather, cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. so on this february afternoon the boys did a little of this:

oh yes, the summer water sink came out early this year! ok, so it never really got put away from last summer, but you get the idea.
see what a good listener crew is (above) i kept telling them not to drink the water, and of course, he drinks the water.

kade, just lovin the sun and water!

i promise they're laughing in this picture but in posting it looks like they might not be! i hope this is what spring in texas is like, cause i'm definitely a fan!

Monday, February 21, 2011

in just a second

i was getting the boys ready for a bath the other night, and undressed crew and was ready to take his diaper off and after turning my back for seriously like one second (ok, so maybe like three) i turn around to find this:

oh yes, that's kade. he's fully clothed, shirt, shorts, diaper and socks. usually he screams the first few minutes of bath time, except for this night. does this mean i'm just supposed to start putting him in fully clothed to limit the screaming each night? bummer. i was kinda hoping for a, "dry until appropriately ready for bathing", option.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

fact or fortune?

a couple nights ago we had some chinese food which the twins actually ate!! since brody refused to eat both rice and chow mien, both fortune cookies went to the twins. i opened kade's fortune cookie first which read:

"you have a friendly heart and are well-admired."

i laughed since it totally suits kade as the only sweetie in the house. then i opened crew's cookie which read:

"you will win success in whatever you adopt."

then i really laughed since this one is crew to a T! crew is so focused and driven until he gets whatever or whoever he wants! these accurate fortunes really made me wonder, what would my fortune say? probably something like "wow. you sure have your hands full!" that's only the phrase i hear almost every time i go out. this phrase immediately prompts a classic kim eyeroll followed by an irritated "smile." i think i should probably just play it safe and leave the fortune cookies to the boys!

Monday, February 7, 2011

snow day -er, week

wow, i totally underestimated mother nature! or maybe i overestimated the dfw's snow removal tactics. either way i really didn't believe anyone who told me that dfw can literally shut down from a snow storm. no seriously, totally shuts down!! snow is apparently a rarity so they streets aren't salted, there's no snow plows for roads, and i really wouldn't even know where to buy a window scrapper for my car. we were trapped -oops! i mean "home bound" for four days. luckily justin's work was closed (along with everything else!) so i didn't have to go it alone! with so many people heating their homes they did rolling blackouts, which were super great and even fried our verizon equipment so we had no phone, cable or internet during the whole four days!! sucks? most definitely! this picture was taken friday, but we had been snowed in since tuesday. the roads were complete ice, until this powdery snow came down friday and was followed by sunshine drenching the whole metroplex from melted snow. oh, and the whole play in the snow with your kids thing? um, not if you're from cali and your kids don't own snow clothes, let alone a pair of mittens. i feel like such an unprepared mother! despite the ice rink roads we tried to take a little drive each day to just get out of that dang house! who knew the grocery store with three kids could be so exciting, but after two full days at home, it's like a mini disneyland. for now the snow is gone and completely melted, with a possibility for more this week. another snow day ahead? a day is fine, but a week, no thank you!