Monday, August 25, 2008

a little project

My sister and I had discussed this decorative project while I was visiting last month and this is how my work came out. The letters are for Brody's nursery (Brody Jay Ashton), which is actually finished now! I can't believe we actually have a room done, it's so exciting! The letters were actually pretty easy to decorate and it's a really quick project. So big sis, I look forward to your results!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well Justin's grandparents have been super generous and have taken the whole family (children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren included) on a cruise every once in a while as a way to get the whole family together, all 25 of us. Last year Justin and I couldn't go since I was a couple weeks from my due date, but this year we were sure to be there! So the whole family boarded the boat for a three day cruise to Ensenada, where there would be plenty of food, fun and family. My favorite part of the trip? Having TONS of food to eat without having to prepare or clean up a single thing. Brody was a trooper and LOVED having familiar faces to run into all over the boat. It was so nice to see each other and catch up, the only bummer? We missed Ryan who had to work!

Friday, August 8, 2008

date night

Between school, traveling, Brody's teething and Justin's boards, things have been a little hectic. So when the Ashton's offered to babysit, Justin and I took the opportunity to go out on a date together. First we went out to dinner and made sure we both tried a new dish (that's about as adventurous as I get) and we both enjoyed our selections. Afterward we went miniature golfing and I'm pretty sure that I won, although I bet Justin will plead his own case. Later we just hung out and did some old fashioned talking. It was so fun to have some time for just the two of us. Justin is so fun to be with and he's such a sweetie. I love you Justa and can't wait for our next date!

trip to utah

This month Justin takes his boards, so Brody and I headed to Utah to visit my family so he could have some time to study. In a rare treat, the entire immediate Hatter fam was all present (there's always a son-in-law missing, this time it was Justin)! The first half of our trip was a little bumpy since Brody was having some major teething pain, but after a few days he came around and we were able to get out a do some stuff (okay really we got out and did some shopping). We had a fun trip and it's so fun to visit with all my nephews and nieces (including newest edition Emily, she's so cute!) Having the whole family together is so fun, but next time I'm definitely bringing Justin to complete the pack!