Thursday, February 12, 2009

street performer

A couple of weeks ago we went to Disneyland with Justin's family and walked through downtown disney after lunch. The "street" is a lot like city walk or the gateway with lots of shops, restaurants, street vender's, and of course music on the speakers. Brody loves to dance and went into full street performer mode while different songs were playing, it was so funny! He actually got a lot of random strangers to dance too! Now there's just one question left to ask: so you think you can dance?

sweet escape

So I love to make homemade oreo cookies (or double doozies for all you gacc-ers out there), but I hate putting the dough onto the cookie sheets since your hands can get pretty dirty, so I always have Justin do my dirty work. Well he baked while I showered and when I came down stairs he proudly said he had a treat he made just for me. He made a HUGE oreo, the cookie was probably five inches in diameter! I wanted to laugh, but he was so proud! This treat was sweet reward after a bumpy day! I'd like to think I'm not an emotional eater, but these cookies can pull me out of any bad mood! Thanks sweetie!