Tuesday, December 30, 2008

let it snow

Well we took a little winter trip to Utah to visit with family, and got quite the winter wonderland! Some days we were snowed in and just stayed inside, which I always like, other than that we had family dinners, my niece Sydney's dance recital, a date night, some shade shopping, and of course got some projects done! Brody loved having some big kids to run around with, and I really think he's gotten faster since our trip(apparently it was possible)! Thanks to the Jessop's for the accommodations, I promise one day you'll actually be able to stay with us!

Brody and his new buddy Ryder are just watching their dad's plow snow outside.

Brody and his cousins play follow the leader.

Sydney the dancing queen right after her recital.

A little night on the town, the boys did the planning and told the girls to "just show up and look pretty."

temple lights

At the beginning of the month we joined with some friends and went up to the LA temple to enjoy the lights. I'm always so amazed at how precise and carefully everything is decorated! My favorite decorations are the palm trees in lights, but that's mostly cause I know it's a warm weather thing! Here's some pics of our night, including a suspicious picture of Brody before he tried to climb over some of the light ropes!

Me and my buddy.

Almost caught in the act!

Justin's fancy photo work.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

little surprise, big excitement

Well word can travel fast so I thought I'd inform you all first. Brody's going to be a big brother! We've know for a little while and went in for our first appointment a couple weeks ago. Our hospital does a first appointment ultrasound to accurately measure the baby and give you a due date. Well I couldn't see the monitor, but Justin could. I was a little worried because he looked really concerned. The doctor then explained that she needed to get a really good shot since there's two babies!! That's right, we're having twins! We're definitely surprised since twins don't run in either one of our families! We learned they're fraternal, so they won't be identical (that's good, I'll be able to tell them apart), and now there's an opportunity for a boy and girl combination (Justin's hopeful!). The ultrasound was absolutely amazing and completely took our breath away, watching two little ones move around was just phenomenal. We're nearing the end our the first trimester so we're sharing the news a bit early, but I already have a bigger belly, which can no longer be blamed on thanksgiving! We're due in mid-June, but twins tend to come early so we don't really know when to expect them. The shock has worn off and we're so excited to meet two more personalities that will be part of our growing family. Luckily things have been going well and I've felt fairly normal, but every now and then I get a little winded and need a couple minutes to re boost. Other than that we've been really blessed to have things go so smoothly. Here's the first picture of our two little ones (we'll hopefully find their sex's out later next month):