Sunday, November 29, 2009

the beauty of a big brother

Crew and Kade absolutely idolize Brody, every time he comes around -whether it's to hug them or tackle them- they have the biggest smiles on their faces. Now that they're a little bigger, they're starting to play together a bit, which is so super cute! I love this video of Brody and Kade, I can't make Kade laugh this hard for the life of me, but Brody just does it with ease!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

more brody babble

The other day Justin and I were talking with Brody, trying to see what he thinks about having brothers here all the time, and the convo went like this:
J- Do you like brothers?
K-Brody do you like Crew and Kade?
J- Do you love mommy?
B- Yeah. I like daddy. I like french fries!!

So, clearly he had food on his mind and wasn't really into having a heart to heart at the moment, and who can blame him? We were eating lunch.

We've also started helping Brody say his own prayers which consists of him repeating each line we say. But every now and then he throws something different into the mix:
K-We love mommy and daddy
B- We love mommy and daddy
B- We love brothers, Crew, Kade
B-We love brothers, Crew, Kade
K- We love Jesus
K-We love Jesus

Thankfully he agrees! He's just a funny little guy!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well my original costume idea for the boys fell through when I saw the price of the costumes I wanted for the twins (two at the price was a bit too much!) So after assessing what we already had (a bear costume) we quickly came to the conclusion that our three little guys could be lions and tigers and bears. I figured I had better act quick on the plan because there's only so many years one can dress their son up as a bear or lion without any protesting. So here's some pics from the trunk-or-treat at church:

Lions and tigers and bears and Justin's shirt said "oh my"

Crew, our lion, who LOVED wearing his costume!

Brody, our ferocious tiger.

Kade, our little bear.

Part of our trunk display, we had teeth with needle nose pliers, which were splattered with blood, some 'lost and found' dental x-rays, and a sign that read "free extractions and root canals, no shots needed". It wasn't much, but we only planned for 20 minutes.

Brody with his friends at the trunk-or-treat.

On Halloween we hit our favorite places to trick-or-treat: my grandparents, my parents, and Justin's aunt and parents. We tried to get a family picture from the night, but lets just say the twins couldn't adequately tell us their costumes were over their faces, and we didn't know until we looked at the pictures at home that night. So, instead of closing with a cute family Halloween picture, I close with Brody in his "pooky" skeleton pajamas.

I love that when you ask him if he's a spooky skeleton, he replies, "yeah, I pooky."