Monday, May 31, 2010

1 year!

Last weekend we celebrated the twins first birthday! This past year has gone by so fast!! Kade and Crew are such a huge part of our family that it seems unreal to think we ever had a time without them.

Brody was very eager to "help" unwrap the presents, everyday he talks about "his" new toys, apparently since he opened them, they're his!
Here's some pics from a year ago, they were soo little! I can't believe how big our little guys are getting!

Just a year ago we were so overwhelmed and not sure of how everything would work out, it seems like so long ago!

I love the twins so much! Maybe because I've had to put so much constant energy into these guys! Even though they're twins they have their own personalities.
Crew is so smiley, loves to babble, and is soo mechanical and focused. Sometimes his determination to do or get something amazes me! He's super quick to pick up on things like word meanings, routines and how toys work. He loves to manipulate anything with multiple parts! But man, can he have an attitude! I guess thats where my genes come in! He definitely loves his mom!
Kade is much more easy going, definitely the "big teddy bear" kind of guy. He loves large motor activities, and is probably a better climber than Brody (scary thought I know). He's one of those kids that just wakes up and decides to master a skill. Crew will take weeks working on a skill and Kade just picks it up in a day. He loves to just hang out, likes to snuggle, be tickled and roll around.
This climbing is what goes on ALL DAY LONG! They love to be busy.

Just out for a joy ride.
We love our little guys and are relieved to have survived the first year! Happy bday Crew and Kade!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

graduation day!

Friday was Justin's graduation!! He's officially Dr. Ashton! It's so unreal! We're been in school since we started dating, and now, almost 8 years later, it seems weird to think it's finally done! I'm so proud of Justin and all his hard work and "long suffering" through the years! He's such a dedicated hard worker! I felt like my heart was beaming all day long, from his name call in the graduation, to the doctoral hooding, the photos and through all the celebrating! I'm so wildly excited for him to finally get out of the clinic and into a practice! I know, from experience, that he'll be a great dentist! Congrats Dr. Ashton, I love you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

nap time

A few weeks ago I gave the twins their bottle for nap time and went to help Brody in another room. I came back to find this:

They looked so cute cozied up to each other while they fall asleep I couldn't resist the pic!