Wednesday, September 12, 2012


last week these two started preschool- do you think they're excited?
 we tried some pictures with the cute preschool sign, but that was scrapped pretty quick!
 kade (grey) and crew (black) are in separate classes, which i requested.  it seems to shock a lot of people that i willing chose to split them up- and it sometimes surprises me too!  but i know twins can bicker a lot in class together which can be exhausting for everyone involved.  we figured that we'd divide and conquer, that way they get a chance to develop individually and this also allows their teachers to love them as kade or crew, rather than as a pair.
a quick hug goodbye before they split.
it is so incredibly weird not having these guys at home with me, after i run errands and tidy things i feel like i'm almost waiting for them to be ready for pick up!  needless to say, it's still an adjustment without these two, then they come home and the whirlwind starts back up!  
this last pic is of their new t-rex shoes, they love them!  
so far they seem to like school, but a big day of preschool can be a lot of work for such little guys!  i can't wait to see what they learn at preschool this year!  

new look

at brody's five yr. doctor visit we had a little complication- he failed his vision test.  surprising? yes, we've never really noticed a problem, nor had his preschool teachers.  his doctor gave a us a list of pediatric eye specialists in the area and we set up and appointment.  after some quick tests they dilated his eyes and we went in to see the ophthalmologist.  he did some more tests and diagnosed brody with astigmatism.  with that he recommended full time glasses, we were so surprised, but suddenly things started making sense.  he gets close to stuff so he can see things clearer.  astigmatism makes you see the world as like a fish-eye lens, so his new glasses will definitely help!  after a morning of visiting various glasses shops (it's really hard to find glasses for a guy this small) here he is rocking his new look:
 working hard on homework:
 showing his studious new look:
i really wasn't sure how this whole full-time glasses thing would go over, so we really had to talk up the glasses before they came in.  we talked about all the cool people who wear glasses: grandparents, cousin tyler, his friend mason, carl fredrickson from the movie up, and his new music teacher at school.  that helped him get more excited!  we also played the "wear your glasses" game during the day, we'd list an activity and say wether or not he has to wear his glasses. it's a pretty easy game since the only no's were: sleeping, bathing, trampoline, wrestling and soccer.  but he loves getting the right answer so he really liked the game.  so far he's transitioned really well into glasses, i'm so blessed to have a kid who can "roll with the punches" so easily- that was definitely not passed down from me!  i hope you love his new look- cause it's here to stay!


the last week of august brody started kindergarten, and he was so excited! 
 a couple weeks earlier he told me he didn't want to wear his favorite shirt one morning because he wasn't sure i could get it cleaned for him in time for the first day of kindergarten- which was still two weeks away!  well luckily i "finally" did the laundry and surprise, surprise his shirt was all cleaned and ready to wear the first day! it's clear that he was just planning in advance for what he said was "the funnest day of kindergarten ever!" he did great when we dropped him off, he was ready to get to work!  his teacher seems to be a great fit for him, so its been a great transition into big kid school.  it's so weird because at home he's the big guy around here and then we watch him walk into a sea of elementary school kids and he's SO tiny!!  all things aside i'm so excited for brody to start school, i think this little guy is on his way to big things!