Sunday, April 12, 2009


Last Easter Brody was only 9 months old, so we didn't do too much, but this year we decided to give him a little easter egg hunt. Not wanting to load him up on sugar (this kid already had endless energy) he got some hot wheels and stickers instead. It's a kind of tricky having an egg hunt in an apartment complex (we heard some neighbors shut their windows at our noise), but once Brody got the hang of the hunt, he was having a great time. Here's some pics of our easter day:

looking so handsome in his easter church attire from grandma!

beginning his search for the "balls" outside

realizing that each egg shakes and has a surprise inside

filling his basket

our little dinner seat cards I made, sorry, the pics a little blurry.
That night we had a combined dinner with a little of mine and Justin's families. Justin grilled some tasty tri tip which was really good! We enjoyed having two families to spend the holiday with, and hope everyone else had a great easter too!