Sunday, December 11, 2011


see these three handsomes?  yup, there sporting bow ties from Plum Lovelies on etsy.  I love it!!  

deck the halls

Once Thanksgiving was digested we decided to dive right into Christmas!  On black Saturday (is that a real tittle?) we braved the cold to pick out some Christmas decor.  We each picked an ornament for ourselves; Kade picked Mater, Crew picked Lightning McQueen, Brody picked a pencil, I picked a little kitchen aid and justin picked a travel suitcase.  "We" also picked a star to top our tree.  I say we because I had a super cute star picked out, but was unanimously outvoted 3-0 by the little guys in favor of the sparkly red glitter star instead.  Here's a little tree decorating:
The boys are at wonderful Christmas ages.  Everything is so exciting and they love seeing all the lights and decor where ever we go.  The loved decorating the tree... and taking the ornaments off...and redecorating again...and taking everything off again.  Needless to say if you dropped by our house now you'd notice our tree is only decorated on the top third of it's branches- that's for a reason, and since the redesign we haven't had a problem!
The boys have also really enjoyed doing the advent calendar, we do ours a little differently, we open the doors every three days so everyone has a turn, it's really helped to keep the holiday cheer in the home!
Celebrating Christmas with your kids really makes the season so much sweeter, it's so fun to share traditions you've loved as a kid, I'm grateful my little guys are enjoying the season!