Monday, July 27, 2009

blessing day

Today was Crew and Kade's blessing day! It was so exciting to have two little guys to bless! I didn't hear most of what Justin said, but the feeling was so special! These two little guys can be really overwhelming at times, but at other moments, like today, I feel so special to have two little boys here together that Justin and I get to raise and teach. Lately the twins have started to show some little smiles, and during Kade's blessing, Justin snuck a peek at Kade, who was just smiling away! That really summed up the experience, it was just a happy day for our family. Even though we missed those who are far away, we were happy to have friends and family to share the day with!

learning to share

Sometimes Brody does great with the twins, and other times he'd probably prefer to have Justin and me all to himself. Tonight he was great with the "brothers". He has some little letter sets from Shauna, which he absolutely loves, and tonight he decided to share his letters with Crew. He was so excited to share that he just kept piling the letters on Crew*, this was the result:

*No brothers were harmed in this share time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

2 years old!

Last week Brody turned two! Brody is such a little ball of energy that sometimes it seems unreal that he's only two! We absolutely LOVE Brody, he's such a fun guy to hang out with. He loves anything that involves running, jumping or climbing! If he does sit, he loves hot wheels, matchbox cars and anything involving letters! He's such a crack up and he certainly knows how to work a crowd! He's tried really hard to be a good big brother and we're so proud of the big kid he's become! We decided to celebrate with a little family get together in the park, which turned out to be pretty fun! That night my parents watched Crew and Kade so we could take Brody out for a birthday dinner at Ruby's and also to enjoy the car show. I know it was Brody's day, but I really had a blast!

He loved having everyone sing happy birthday to him!

Devouring his cake.

One of the cars he liked, of course it was yellow!
Dinner out at Ruby's. I was so impressed, he actually ate his meal! Hopefully it's a 2 year old thing!

5 years

Last week Justin and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Our anniversary and Brody's birthday fall on the same day, so our anniversary is always going to be celebrated before or after the actual day, this year we celebrated the night before. Diane and Shauna were nice enough to babysit our little guys so we could have a night out together. We started out having dinner at the cheesecake factory (have you ever tried their chocolate oreo mudslide cheesecake? LOVE it!) and afterward we ran a couple errands to prep for Brody's b-day. I know, I know, errands aren't romantic, but it really was nice to have some quiet time to talk and be with each other. I've never needed anything spectacular to make my time with Justin feel special, I always just love the little times we spend together day in day out. We've been through quite a whirlwind in the past five years, and thankfully I had the best guy ever to experience it with! Love you Justin!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first swim of summer

Last week we headed out to Justin's grandpa's house, which has an incredible backyard, with an amazing swimming pool. Justin's been waiting for the weather to warm up so he could take Brody swimming, luckily today it was warm enough! They had a great time swimming and loved the water slide! After an afternoon of swimming, Justin's grandpa fired up the grill for an amazing bbq dinner! Thanks Lita and grandpa for letting us come play!

Enjoying the pool

Ready, set, JUMP!

Lovin' that water slide!


Crew is a funny little guy, he always seems to have his arms set in these little poses. Sleeping, eating, or just hanging out, this guy's always set like he's ready for his close up!