Sunday, April 27, 2008

in a pinch?

Have you ever wondered what you'd do if you couldn't find a pacifier for your baby? Well thanks to Brody's "creative" thinking, I've learned that a jumbo-knob puzzles piece will do the trick! My favorite part about this whole situation is the third picture, his pacifier is right next to him, but he seems to prefer the puzzle piece. What a funny kid.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not his best week

We've been waiting months for Brody to start teething, and this week it finally started. Despite the horror stories I've heard about sweet little kids turning into monsters while their teething, I figured I could handle it. Unfortunately Brody started teething the same week he got sick (caught it from me, I feel like a horrible mom). So this week we've been rotating between infant Tylenol and baby orajel, trying to soothe the crying and keep him calm. If that wasn't enough to teach me patience, Brody also burned his hand on the bottom of our oven. I know what you're thinking, was it bad? Are there blisters? You let your kid play in the kitchen while you were cooking? So the answers are: not to bad, yes, and apparently so. Now Brody is super fussy and overly attached to me. As I talked to a nurse about his burns, she asked if he's taken any medication lately and what for. I explained he's been sick and teething this week and mention the meds. She reacted a little surprised, "sick, teething, and he burned his hand? Wow, it's really not his best week!" My selfish response: "It's really not my best week." Either way I'd like to think he's getting better and will soon be back to normal (which seems like a distant memory), but that will have to wait until after he get his shots on Monday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It is Kim''s Birthday Today!! Happy Birthday!

Ok so Kim really hates when her birthday comes around. She never knows anything she wants, she doesn't know what she would like to eat for her birthday dinner and she is not a fan of all the attention that she will get on her big day. So, I had to pick out some gifts on my own (that always worries Kim), I am making all the dinner plans for her, and hopefully this post will give her all the attention that she was trying to avoid!!...Sorry honey.

Last year I actually made her a cake myself, decorated with strawberries (her favorite, above). This year I have had a "birthday week" for her, and she has gotten a new present each day. So far she has racked up flowers, chocolate, and some different scrapbooking supplies. She will get her final day of gifts on Saturday, her actual Birthday. Because she might read this before she actually gets her final presents I will let her make a post on how her big day turns out herself. I hope she likes it. Me and Brody love you a lot Kim!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We've got all summer

Brody favorite part of the day is bath time, so we couldn't wait for the pool to open up after a little remodeling. Saturday was beautiful, the weather was perfect, so we thought it would be a great day for Brody's first swim in the pool. Unfortunately we were in for quite a surprise. Before we even got into the pool area he heard someone jump in the water and the noise of the splash made him cry. We tried to ease him into the water, but that only made him cry more. Each big splash from others made him cry all over again. It was so sad! We thought he'd love it, but he had a miserable time! The rest of his day was lots of sniffles and hugs. So this swim didn't go so well, but that's ok, we've got all summer to try and change his mind.