Thursday, July 21, 2011

finally four!

so brody has finally turned four!! i'm so excited! i feel like people are always doubting me when i'd say he's 3, but hello, obviously i know how old my own kid is. and now i can finally say 4, no one's asked his age in the past week, bummer. brody's an awesome kid, he's so full or energy and has been since day one! he's like this ball of energy and activity that's bouncing off anything and everyone. he loves hanging out with adults, jumping off things, swimming, his brothers and all things sweet. did i mention he likes letters, numbers and digital clocks? probably not, that kind of falls in to his "obsessed with" column. he's been so entertaining to watch grow, not to mention he's SO funny, what he says and the way he says it, just makes us laugh! plus he has a following, yup, crew is determined to be just like brody- it's almost a little scary. so cue the brody pics cause we love our biggest little guy!
3 months old
1 yr old, first day at the beach
2nd birthday
first kind-of big kid bike
3 yrs old
couple months ago

photos from the party:
planets cookies cake
yup, we love this guy!

um, there's a game going on

we were looking for a spot to start brody in for summer, and once we realized that soccer was held inside an air-conditioned building, we jumped to sign him up. i want to preface this post by saying i absolutely LOVE brody! he's hilarious, energetic and a little smarty pants to boot. however, he's one of the most easily distracted kids i know, and that's just brody being brody. well its no different on the soccer field, there's a lot of distractions: walls to run into, scoreboards that count down, a coach to chat it up with, not to mention all the grass to run around on. it's entertaining, and he's three so i'm not to concerned about it, but it does make for great video!

at least he's not one of the two girls that run around the field holding hands... that'd be awkward.

seven years

2004 doesn't really seem that long ago, but seven years have passed since justin and i tied the knot and sometimes i'm amazed how much has happened in 7 short years! open the time capsule, here we go:
we lived in provo for our first two years, finishing up at BYU. justin studied biology, worked at the mtc and translated for conference. i studied human development and worked as a ta.
finally graduation!
moved back to cali, and i started teaching preschool
justin's white coat ceremony at USC for the start of dental school

a year into dental school brody made his arrival!

and less than two years after that the twins debuted.

justin graduates from dental school!

we packed up and moved to texas!

we recently bought our first house and love it!

sometimes justin and i joke that school being over/kids/owning a house all seemed to happen in a blink of an eye, seriously, time can fly by! i'm so grateful i've got justin to share this ride with, he's the best dad for these boys and the best husband for me, i love him! happy 7th my sweet!

naughty and nice

my boys are crazy work, but like every mom they have the moments that make me feel so lucky to be the mom of these three little guys, they can be so sweet! a lot of people know that the twins went through a pretty long biting stage, apparently it's common for twins and stressful for moms. the biting has FINALLY subsided and now crew and kade feel the need to always sleep near each other, it's so cute. they's take all the pillows and blankets off their beds, pile them together and have a little overnight right next to each other, case in point:
now if you're observant or care about equality among children, you'll notice one boy (crew) has all four blankets and the other is bare (kade). that's just typical crew/kade behavior, i can't even begin to describe it.
another pic, crew loves to snuggle lately (it was a short lived phase) and since i was making dinner he opted to snuggle with brody, who graciously let him. crew was so excited.

a popular spot to eat in our dining area is on the window sill, i don't get it, but the boys love it! occasionally they'll all squeeze in and eat together. no fighting, pushing, or yelling- i love it!

again, the observant among you will notice the title is naughty and nice, so where's the naughty? i mentioned that the nice comes in little moments, that's because the majority of our day is things like this:

swim lessons 2.0

last year brody took swim lessons and it was a total bust. needless to say i was really hoping he might take to lessons a bit better this year- and seriously i was shocked! he totally loves it! every morning is a count down to swimming day! it's so fun to watch him learn something he's so excited about! here's some action shots:
under water swimming? no prob!

so excited to be there, i love it!
no hesitation to jump off and swim on his own (ok, that's kind of a pro and a con.)
proud of his work!
as a side story- at the end of each class the teacher has the students show what they worked on that day and tells the parent what they learned/need to work on. the first couple of weeks she kept mentioning things for brody like: "easily distracted," or "needs to focus a little more" and "gets excited and looses focus." as his mom i thought it was hilarious, i kept thinking distracted? loss of focus? oh yes, you must have met brody! so funny! she's since realized that's just how brody rolls and now she works with it, it's great. she a really good teacher and i'm so glad brody's loving his swim days! there's no stopping this little fish!

4th of july

our fourth of july was really fun this year! we kicked off the morning at our ward's breakfast which was quite tasty! they held a bike parade and we thought the boys would love it... they didn't, at least initially. after a bit brody jumped in and started along the parade route. kade had totally ditched his rocket- now occupied by some other kid. and crew? well after scouring the crowd for him, there was crew making little parade laps on his bike, so cute!! soon after brody experienced his first high speed crash, it was a little too jr x-games for me, but luckily he was okay. after a little rest at home we headed to the pools with the prices and had some great bbq for dinner. here's some pics from the breakfast and a video of our parade stars:
"rolling" up to the breakfast.

kade's more comfortable spot for the bike parade.

and for the video: