Sunday, November 21, 2010

straight into my hopper

remember this post about brody's trash trucks? well it's not just brody. it turns out that while brody's gone the twins will make them on their own, multiple times a day. anyway, justin finally had a saturday off so we spent the day playing in the trash truck.
Oh, and if you've ever read the book, or seen the video of I Stink by Kate and Jim McMullan, you'll understand the trash truck craze that permanently resides in our home.


yup, that's the one.

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween night

somehow halloween kind of crept up on us this year. before we knew it we needed costumes! i came across an R2D2 costume and justin went from there! he explained to me that R2D2 and C3PO are robot friends, perfect for the twins, and that they were built by luke skywalker, perfect for brody. it's not that i've never seen the movies, but they didn't really "take off" in our house full of girls. thank goodness for husbands! *on a side note, justin read this post and later told me that the robots are actually called droids and C3PO was built by anakin, not luke. yup, that's my husband, nerdy but lovable!
R2D2- kade, jedi luke skywalker- brody, and C3PO- crew

some pics from the ward trunk-or-treat:
R2D2 and C3PO
the jedi luke skywalker
me and kade

here's some pics from halloween night:
the two buds concocting an escape plan (foiled by mom)

we had a fun halloween, rob, jana and baby jacob came down for the night. jacob made a perfect young obe wan kenobi! i think jacob sat the best for the pictures! dinner, a little trick-or-treating and some candy eating made for a great halloween!

halloween parade

brody's preschool had quite the halloween festivities! first there was a halloween parade in the morning and then a class party in the afternoon. the parade was a little comical. brody was second in the line, but you know brody, he's easily distracted, so other things would catch his eye and soon enough there'd be a 20 ft gap between him and the line leader. classic brody. despite the distractions he's probably my favorite jedi ever!
"leading" the pack. obviously the girl way ahead isn't in the picture.
the jedi master himself
of course these guys were on hand for the parade, in matching monster shirts, appropriate no?
i was able to come for the halloween party, which was fun. first they decorated pumpkins. don't you like the up close detail he's showing me?
decorating halloween sugar cookies.
lining up to play halloween games
we made a wall in the house dedicated to brody's spooky art work, he's very proud of his wall!
the spider web design (top right) is his absolute favorite. when asked if he wanted to fold it up to put in his backpack, he said he'll just "carefully carry it home." he's super protective of his masterpiece!

halloween hunt

the past few weeks we've had our halloween decorations up and brody loves going on halloween hunts to see what spooky things he can spy in the house. here's some things he likes to find:
a lantern of skulls
haunting ghosts
eyeballs on a wreath.

So, what would we find at your house?