Saturday, February 23, 2013

best buds

crew and kade call each other best bud.  i absolutely love it!!  so instead of "go get your brother!"  we say "go get best bud" and they know exactly who your talking about. it's heart melting.  i don't think i've ever once come off like i think twins are a piece of cake, or super manageable, or that i'm some kind of twin expert.  but i do know the major blessing of twins is to watch the amazing bond these two have.  their whole world is each other.  it's one of those things that can't properly be caught on film, but it's the snippets of conversation or play that i get to see or overhear throughout the day.  i love it!  i took the pics of the boys playing the other day and i love this little sequence of crewkade.  

 they've been in separate classes in preschool this year, which has had it's ups and downs, but it's made them miss each other during the day and they enjoy playing with each other so much more now.  i love these two to absolute pieces and feel so blessed to be able to watch them grow together!


Kristine said...

So cute! B & J used to be best buds too. Now they are just bros.

Caroline said...

Love it! I love listening to snippets of conversations when they are playing well together:)