Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i've got three young boys, so naturally when halloween rolls around i want their costumes to be fun and have a cohesive theme. the first year they were lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), last year was jedi, c3po and r2d2, this year was an astronaut, earth and the moon:
my idea came before the construction. i searched online and didn't have much luck, did you know planet costumes don't exist? apparently it's not a "popular option" for kids these days. justin and i put our heads together and with two extra large paper lanterns, white duct tape for reinforcement, spray paint and craft paint, we were finally in business!! i LOVE how it turned out! they're skinny little legs were so cute coming out from the big old planet!
halloween night we had a mini halloween party and cousin jacob came trick or treating too:
after that it was out for trick or treating! at first there was some apprehension, but crew got in the zone real quick and was pretty much on auto pilot after that!!
the night was really fun! it's always a treat to watch your kids discover holidays and traditions you remember loving as a kid!

as a funny side story, since the costumes were paper the boys didn't get to put them on until halloween night (for fear of ripping.) i put the earth on kade and the moon on crew. they both fussed, started freaking out, and began wiggling out of their costumes. i thought my dream had ended. after the costumes were off kade went to the moon and crew went to the earth and they put them on a were perfectly happy after that!! these guys are crazy sometimes, but i love em with everything i have, after all, they're my whole world!


Caroline said...

Their costumes are soooo cute and I am so jealous that you are wearing flip-flops to go trick-or-treating in!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Would you mind sharing the size of the paper lanterns and where did you find them. We are looking into something similar this year for our 4 year old.

Mara Raden said...

what size are the lanterns? amazing costumes!!!

K-Flight said...

This is PERFECT for my Brody (7yrs) who has insisted on being the "Blood Red" moon for halloween this year.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristin Watson said...

Hi There - Curious to know the size of lantern you ordered for the moon and where you purchased it as well. Thanks!