Monday, January 14, 2013


the night before chrismas the boys sprinkled some reindeer food on the grass
left some cookies and gogurt out for santa
said a very quick goodbye to stoic
and headed to bed, excited to see what christmas would hold!
they woke up, and for once they didn't demand breakfast first thing in the morning!  apparently breakfast hunger vanishes on christmas!
here's the opening:
kade (he's opening a tube of fake bugs)
crewser proudly showing off his new book "i stink" (don't worry, it's about a garbage truck)
justin, excited about the new watch he got
here's what brody was hoping for
here's the twins big gift
it snowed that night and all morning long, so by afternoon, our house looked liked this:
 the boys were so excited (we were too!)
crew and brody did a little white christmas trampoline jumping:
kade stayed inside, a much warmer decision!  
with all the snow outside, crew and kade needed somewhere to ride their ride their new bikes, so we had a little bit of this going on inside:

later that afternoon we went to rob and jana's for dinner.  the boys had fun opening their gifts, we feel so blessed that santa took such good care of our family this year!  


Kristine said...

I love Brody's excitement!! And I love how he gives a little biking help as well, funny guy!

Caroline said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas? Did Santa like the gogurts?