Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I feel like it's so hard to get outside during the summer months.  It's a terrible irony for the kids, you're finally free from school to play all day and it's just too dang hot to play outside.  We've tried to do a couple bike rides when justin gets home from work, and I just was to publicly declare that I totally get the easier ride between the two of us!  Brody's wee-ride can pedal with me:
The twins are more dead weight... and a lot of it!  But justin's a trooper and doesn't really complain- well, except when they reach out the trailer and try to grab his tire.  we don't endorse that.
We also hit the parks later and try not to get bitten by mosquitos (west nile anyone?)

The boys all finished their swim sessions.  I really love watching swim lessons.  I know I loved lessons as a kid, and the boys are the same, they did great!  
The twins can each swim the width of the pool and can swim out from coming down the big slides.  Brody has been able to swim the length for a while and started working on breaststroke this session.  They all try so hard, it's just so fun to watch!
on justin's day off we went to legoland discovery.  i would love to take the boys to legoland in san diego, but this will have to do for now.  luckily they were having a star wars exhibit, so they we're super excited, and we spent most of our time "admiring the possibilities!"
Crew trying to work the death star (surprise, surprise)
darth kader marveling at darth vader
brody by the x-wing.  that kid is longing to get and build an x-wing.  lucky for him, about an hour later he got to use his birthday money to get one.  it was like christmas morning!
 These two long to be Han and Chewy.  And they make pretty awesome wookie noises!
We did more swimming at the pools.
We hit up the kids summer movie series at the the theatre.
Before school started we made a trip to the dentist office.  All three were cavity free!!  They definitely were not whine free!  I'm sure they whine more because it's dad so they can.  Brody got this fake mustache in the reward box, i don't think he's a fan.
I'm relieved to say we made it through summer!  I'm also 100% ready for school to start!  I should also mention that i'm 1000% (yes dad, i know that's not a real percentage) ready for cooler weather!

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Caroline said...

That looks like a fun bike, nice to have some help pedaling. Love Brody's stash too:)