Wednesday, October 2, 2013

may to june

I'm definitely playing catch-up with summer, so here goes!  We came home from Costa Rica and jumped right back into all the busyness May had in store for us.  First up:  Brody and I completed a fun run the school district put on.  The run was a little over two miles and he did absolutely great!  He's been in running club the past couple months and really worked hard to run hard!  We ran past this dad walking with his middle-schoolerish son and the dad told him "come on, you're going as slow as a kindergartener!"  I wanted to yell over my shoulder "actually you just got passed by a kindergartener!"  But this wasn't a race, it was only to promote fit families in the district, so I withheld my comment.  Here's me and Brody after the race:
About two minutes into the race I went to retighten my ponytail and my band broke!!  So I did the rest with the lions mane, that part was dreadful!
A week later Brody had his end of the year running club party, he logged 15.5 miles over the course of the 2.5 months he joined the club (40 mins running once a week.)  I was proud of this little guy!

The next week the twins had their last days of preschool, here's Kade with his teachers:
The assistant teacher Mrs. G holding Kade was Kade's ultimate favorite!  Oh, how he loved his time with Mrs. G!  She will definitely be missed next year!
Here's Crew with one of his teachers:

The next week these guys turned 4!!

They were so excited to be bigger boys!  They got to move up to booster seats, and loved it!!

They got to eat gigantic cookies for lunch!

They had a gacc cookie with darth vader on it- they were in heaven!  And yes, they kept the masks on while we sang happy birthday to them!
A couple days later we had mormon ranger night at the ballpark.  
At the start of June we celebrated Father's day early with a surprise party for Justin so he could open his new gift:
The boys love going on the electric scooter with dad, and of course Brody loves having dad cruise him up to school in the mornings!
A week later this big guy finished kindergarten- do you think he was excited?
His school had a little kindergarten promotional ceremony so we took a little family picture together afterward:
And here's a pic with his teacher, the fabulous Ms. Bradanini!  We loved Ms. B, and I hope one of the twins get in her class for kindergarten!
This month month had so many big things for our family- I glad we were able to pack it all in!  Now we're off to pack our stuff to head on vacations!

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Caroline said...

Wow, Brody is quite the little runner! I am drooling over that GACC cake, do you think there's one in San Francisco??