Wednesday, October 2, 2013


well needless to really say, july, in texas, is really hot!  so we've spent a little time trying to stay cool:

the twins belated birthday gift was a fort building kit, which has really come in handy for afternoon activities!
justin and i celebrated our 9th anniversary!  we pretty much called costa rica our celebration but we also made sure to have a date night closer to our special day!
Brody turned 6!  He's been waiting to turn six since last September, so we're glad his big day finally came!
engrossed in the new star wars paper airplane book
celebrating with cake!
Brody had another semi-annual eye checkup.  His dr totally tricked me, he said "well after checking him his eyes can see perfectly at 20/20."  I was shocked since he has an astigmatism.  Then, noticing my surprise, he continues "well, with the help of his glass of course."  Oh, right.  I felt a little dumb for not realizing that initially!
Anywho, just minor changes to his prescription and some fresh glasses on order!
CrewKade had their 4 year old check up.  They each got 4 shots in their legs.  It still makes me cryto hold those little guys down!  Kade was such a champ.  He didn't even cry!  His lips trembled and he took some deep breaths but he totally toughed it out.  Crew, on the other hand, totally lost it.  He was screaming and crying.  Not fun for any of the involved parties.  Luckily they took him to get a popsicle after so that calmed him down.  The nurse warned me they might want to rest today since their legs will be sore.  But here they were right after we got home:
Oh yea, those are definitely their "i just want to rest" faces.
And finally, Brody got the Y wing for his birthday, and after about 4 -uninterrupted- hours of building it was finished, he was so excited!
That's our July in a nut shell.  We're moving on to August, and trying to stay cool!


Kristine said...

Love seeing all these cute little boys get bigger!

Caroline said...

That fort looks so big and fun! Yeah, my kids never "slept" after their shots either:(