Wednesday, October 2, 2013

first day

The first day of school is here!  I love all the nervous excitement that accompanies the first day of school!  Brody was more than ready to go back- that kids loves school!  I told him I'd wake him up and when I walked in his room- he was wide awake staring at the clock, waiting for "wake up" time!  

On his way to first grade!
 Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Cook
 Crew and Kade started preschool a week later, I opted for separate classes again, that just works best for us.  Ironically Crew has a set of twin boys in his class.  I asked him if they look alike and he said, very matter-of-factly, "no, they're different."  Huh.  Sometimes I think maybe it's easier for kids to tell the difference!
As you can tell they're also pretty excited to get back in the swing of things!
As for me, it nice to get back a little quiet time.  But sure enough, each day I end up counting down until I need to pick them up!  As much as I love the quiet, I miss these guys more!


Kristine said...

Adorbs! If only that excitement could remain all year. Although it's funny when the excitement comes from looking forward to the end of school, haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am not sure if you can see previous posts. I posted a question about your halloween planets, would you mind sharing the size of the paper lanterns and where did you find them. We are looking into something similar this year for our 4 year old.

Kim said...

We just got the largest sized paper lantern they sold at cost plus/world market and used that- I don't know that exact measurement, maybe 36 inches? Have fun, it's a great costume!

Caroline said...

Cuteness! I have twins in my webelos den this year and I'm having a hard time telling tem apart, ahhh:)