Saturday, January 4, 2014

baseball ready

Well this season we thought we'd try something new and give baseball a whirl.  It was a little crazy as naturally both teams wanted to practice at the same time on different sides of town, but we made it through the (possibly one and only) season!  
Here's Brody on game day:
 Brody's coach was great, you can tell he's definitely in the zone!  His team was the Dodgers, so that was easy enough to cheer for.  He's in the age group to get a couple slow coach-pitched balls, and if all else fails, they hit off the tee.  Hitting-wise he usually got a hit off the coaches pitch.  Catching-wise... well, I think we can agree he has some great talents in other areas.  Here they are saying their pledge before the game:
and a little in game action:

The twins were on the Cubs and were in a tee-ball league.
All in all, it was on ok season for the twins, they had a couple great coaches who were really patient and encouraging, not an easy task with a bunch of 4 year olds.  These two always seem to get a bit wild when nearby one another, but once we consistently kept them on opposite sides of the field they did much better.  And for the in game action: 
 Here's Kade running home:
 And Crew catching a grounder:
I would have to say that I did love the way the coaches yell to the outfield "get baseball ready!"  And then all the kids (including those tiny little 4 year olds) all immediately move their hands to their knees like this:
so cute!
As always it was great to try something new for a season, but I sure can't wait to get back to swimming in the spring!  

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