Saturday, January 4, 2014


Well baseball ended so we're off to the next thing!  Brody has been asking to start piano lessons and here he is practicing his daily assignment!  His teacher is great and he's loving it!  His little mathematically perfectionist mind is wrapping right around all there is to know about piano!  I knew this would be right up his alley.  Currently he's two months in and still excited about it!  
I met these two in San Francisco!  We missed Katelin and Wendy, and hope we can catch everyone soon!  We took a chilly bus tour of the city:
 went over the golden gate bridge:
 Ate some delicious food on the pier
 and being that we're our mother's daughters, we sought out Ghirardelli and quickly fell in love!
We did some lots of eating, talking and shopping, it was a great break!

I came home and got these:
Yup, braces.  A nearly full mouth of brackets!  Thankfully they're free and I'm on a fast track- like about 6 months.  So far they're really sore and I still can't bit into stuff.  But they're just for a short time and soon I won't have to be self-conscious of my smile when I tell people my husband is a dentist.  

The following week was the twins' thanksgiving feast at preschool.  
Here's Crew, he came as a Native American (or Indian as he called it) named "Kicking Bear."  Aptly named!
Kade came as a pilgrim.  He was excited there was applesauce to eat- or else he could have left the feast feeling pretty hungry.
Despite being in separate classes, the feast is for all the kids at once so I tried my best to get both my pilgrim and indian together for a pic:
For actual Thanksgiving we went up to Rob and Jana's and had quite the feast.  This year I'm thankful for soft mashed potatoes that don't make my teeth hurt- and naturally for Justin and the boys! 

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