Saturday, January 4, 2014


With the start of school, I'm always a bit excited for some extra free time once the kids go back to school.  However, with fall, I always mourn the loss of Justin as college football season starts.  That guy could watch any game thats on and be interested.  Seriously, any game.  So with football in session, this has been flying in front of my house, and I've been trying to hold back my eye roll (you all know how hard that is for me!) The good news is the flag also alternates with USC, and that, I'm ok with.
 We got to go to a couple concerts this month, we went to Fun, Imagine Dragons and Justin and Rob got to go see Mumford and Sons, and had amazing tickets!!

 Since it's still warm we made a few stops out for frozen yogurt!  We finally found a dessert place we all can enjoy!  Kade can be a bit particular in his food choices, so while the rest of us fill up on yogurt with toppings, he simply loads his cup with brownies!  Everyone's happy!
You know, these yogurt places have fun poppy music playing, and once you've downed some yogurt and sugary toppings, things can get interesting pretty quick:

Yup, yogurt dancing at it's best!

 The twins came home to these awesome new chairs I found on clearance!  You can probably guess who called dibs on Vader.
One of Justin's patients gave him race tickets again, so this time he took Crew and Kade.  I tell ya, all those years of watching the movie Cars has really paid off!  
Walking around, they look so big in this picture!
At the raceway.
These guys were all signed up for Running Club this fall!  Every time we go I'm still a little amazed at the fact that kids will run for 45 minutes with the sole promise of a dum dum sucker at the end!  Amazing!
So far fall has started off quite busy, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon! 

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