Saturday, January 4, 2014


This was definitely a Star Wars Halloween!  It started off with with the costume parade at preschool, which is always so fun to watch! 

 Here's Crew with one of his teachers:
And here's Kade with both his teachers:
That afternoon I helped in this guy's class party:
Where he made one of my favorite preschool hats ever!
That night we met at a friend's house for dinner and trick or treating.  The dad's took the kids out to get candy and the mom's stayed home and passed it out, it was great!
Here's the official pic of the boys' costumes:
Crew is Obi Wan Kenobi (with a Jedi robe made by Justin!), Kade is Darth Vader (who else?) and Brody is X-wing pilot Luke Skywalker (a little specific, but glad I was able to find the costume!)
It's funny, Kade is loving this costume!!  That little guy thinks Vader is the coolest being to exist in this galaxy since the point of existence! No seriously, at bedtime he prefers to have us hum Darth Vaders theme music, and thats what makes him snuggle in his bed with a smile on his face!  Justin got him a little remote breathing box so he sounds like Vader and that kid is in heaven!  I love seeing that sweet little guy soo happy!
And finally ending up at home and sorting the loot!  I used to love this part as a kid.  
I love Halloween with these little guys!

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